Getting Started With Us

Step 1: Intro to our approach

We'll tell you more about our viewpoints and methodology and see how that matches your needs

Step 2: Initial scoping

Together, we'll review your current process, your biggest challenges, and scope a course of action to move you forward

Step 3: Prepare project kick-off

We'll decide which role(s) you'd like to start with, a timetable, and prepare to launch!

Two Ways to Work Together

Hire Individual Roles

Hire a Team

Clients often come to us when they can't get a role off the ground. Reasons they're stuck include:

  • Can't get agreement on seniority and responsibilities for a role
  • Unsure if it's one role or multiple roles
  • Have been unable to source appropriate-looking candidates
  • Lack the bandwidth or personnel to run the hiring process

We offer more intensive partnership to clients needing an entire new team. (We don't put "Team" in our name for no reason!) Clients have come to us for reasons like:

  • Need the new team virtually overnight and lack capacity to handle the hiring workload
  • Have difficulty scoping size and seniority of new team members
  • Need business functions (e.g. marketing) that current team doesn't know well
Having gone through this process, the problem was the entire spectrum of hiring, starting with this role definition. I have never worked with people who spent as much time on role definition, and this determines everything else; this is critical to the quality of the [candidate] pool we will get.”
— Hoyun Kim, Chief Legal & People Officer, ExecOnline

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you address "Culture Fit"?

Yes! "Culture Fit" is a major concern of all our clients. Our work defining the role at the outset involves exploring the aspects of your company's environment (e.g. recognition structure, individual vs. team focused, formality level, etc.). We discuss which factors must appeal to a candidate for them to fully thrive in their roles. We also spend time finding concrete examples of behaviors that typify your culture, and use those as guides to create interview questions to assess attitude.

Have you hired a Marketing/Sales/Other role before?

We've hired a wide range of roles, from C-level to entry-level, across many disciplines. That being said, our methodology is fairly role-agnostic, and many of our biggest early successes were for role types or industries new to us.

What if I love a candidate but someone even better is behind them in the pipeline?

Because we take a "strengths based" (not "deficit based") view of hiring, we discourage this kind of thinking. If a candidate seems like an amazing match for your role, why focus on the deficit between her and the imagined "even better" candidate? There's no way to know with 100% certainty that a candidate is the "best" possible match for you out of every candidate on Earth. 

Why don't you specialize in one type of role?

Our experience has shown that our methodology works well on a wide variety of roles, so specialization hasn't been necessary. Moreover, we particularly enjoy working on tough "hybrid" roles, which are often a necessity at earlier-stage startups.