How we work together in 3 steps



Before we recruit a single person, we guide you through a deep exploration of the skills, motivations, and working styles your business needs most. Then we use our simple framework to map these attributes onto several candidate personas.

We call this "360˚ fit" - and it makes your company better. 

Here's a pretty detailed article about how our Mapping process works.

"I thought our problem was sourcing, but the problem was the entire spectrum of hiring, starting with this role definition. I have never worked with people who spent as much time on mapping out the exact needs of the role and our company culture. It's critical to the quality of the pool we will get."

- Hoyun Kim, Chief People + Legal Officer, ExecOnline

"I was a bit surprised and that is a great thing because I learned a lot more about the role and what we really need through the process. Prior to this process, I thought I had had a good sense for good people and this is making me question things in a really meaningful way."

- Brad Lande, CEO, LiveGrey



We recruit and pre-screen several candidates who seem like potential fits. And we build their interest in your company.

We also set up and manage inbound applications on a variety of platforms. 

Our goal is to connect people with their dream jobs. We're on everyone's side - and this transparency gives candidates a great experience from very first contact.

"Thanks again for the email. It is always nice when I get such a nice, personalized correspondence. Normally it's a boilerplate email, but specifically calling out my previously employers and experience -- I can tell you're a quality recruiter."

- Candidate

"Thank you so much for reaching out to me and for the personalized note! It's definitely a breath of fresh air to receive non-generic emails =)."

- Candidate



You've seen some exciting people. How do you know who fits you best?

As it turns out, there's already lots of research on this topic. Yet most hiring processes, if they're organized at all, make the same mistakes over and over. Unstructured interviewing, slow response times to candidates, interviews that feel like interrogations and make great people leave.

We help your team adopt a structured and organized process to find exactly what you seek while making candidates feel great. We're available as much (or as little) as you need to coach interview technique, script valid interview questions, and manage candidate communications.

"You guys pushed back, as you should have, at all the right times. And it’s because you had this process that’s tried and true. And it worked. You guys were able to bring this objective process to the entire equation. At the end of the day we felt so good. We’ve never felt so good about a decision."

- Cesar Rufo, VP of Marketing, Appsembler

"Thank you so much for reaching out to me and for the personalized note! It's definitely a breath of fresh air to receive non-generic emails =)."

- Candidate

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you address "Culture Fit"?

Yes! "Culture Fit" is a major concern of all our clients. Our work defining the role at the outset involves exploring the aspects of your company's environment (e.g. recognition structure, individual vs. team focused, formality level, etc.). We discuss which factors must appeal to a candidate for them to fully thrive in their roles. We also spend time finding concrete examples of behaviors that typify your culture, and use those as guides to create interview questions to assess attitude.

Have you hired a Marketing/Sales/Other role before?

We've hired a wide range of roles, from C-level to entry-level, across many disciplines. That being said, our methodology is fairly role-agnostic, and many of our biggest early successes were for role types or industries new to us.

What if I love a candidate but someone even better is behind them in the pipeline?

Because we take a "strengths based" (not "deficit based") view of hiring, we discourage this kind of thinking. If a candidate seems like an amazing match for your role, why focus on the deficit between her and the imagined "even better" candidate? There's no way to know with 100% certainty that a candidate is the "best" possible match for you out of every candidate on Earth. 

Why don't you specialize in one type of role?

Our experience has shown that our methodology works well on a wide variety of roles, so specialization hasn't been necessary. Moreover, we particularly enjoy working on tough "hybrid" roles, which are often a necessity at earlier-stage startups.