A new foundation for hiring

Team Theory is a diverse group of people from unusual backgrounds. We’d all had challenging experiences with the conventional hiring process - and seen firsthand how it was making job-seekers, employers, and recruiters alike unhappy. The solution wasn’t high-tech wizardry or proprietary algorithms. Instead, we developed a holistic team-building method based on decades of empirically-proven best practices (and a bit of hard-earned wisdom). Our foundation is a few simple ideas:

First, you won’t find the perfect hire unless you know exactly who you’re looking for. What unique strengths does your ideal candidate carry, perhaps without realizing? Which experiences and credentials are vital, and which are superfluous? What factors will unleash or inhibit their talents? These questions have quantifiable answers, but you won’t get them from a standard interview (much less a résumé).

Second, you can’t attract the right people unless you understand your own organization. What’s the real culture of your workplace, and how does it feel for outsiders? How are your team’s blind spots or biases affecting the search? Does the job role, as you’ve defined it, truly meet your business’s needs?

Any hiring agency can throw candidates at you - but they won’t get in the trenches and help you develop this crucial, enduring insight. We will. That collaborative spirit is at the heart of our work. It’s why our partners trust us with their businesses. We love what we do, and we’re here to help you build a team as devoted and effective as ours.


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