Hiring is hard for Seed and Series A companies

You're growing and changing, fast 

Product pivots, changing customer profiles, and internal structural changes. You're hiring not just for today, but for an uncertain future.

You need to do things you haven't done before

Unique roles. First-ever roles. Technical experts in new areas. Early-stage companies routinely hire for demanding roles they may not fully understand themselves.

 You can't wait around for things to work 

Big goals, limited runway. With core team members already wearing as many hats as they can, they can't afford to leave a key role unfilled for months.

You guys were able to bring this objective process to the entire equation. At the end of the day we felt so good. We’ve never felt so good about a decision.
— Cesar Rufo, VP of Marketing, Appsembler

Overcome the unknowns and hire predictably

Here are the 3 reasons our process works where others don't.

Get deep into what you really need

How can you find the exact match for your team when you base your search on the typical laundry-list job description?

We hold 1 deep dive with your team (which saves 100 hours later) to get more clarity on how this role can best serve your big dreams. And we get more specific than you've ever seen in a job description.


Recruit the right people – with the right tactics

Once you know who you're looking for, you know if your current recruiting channels are up to snuff.

We set up a broad net of recruiting tactics - inbound, outbound, and referral - to find the unique people you need. (And we're really, really good at getting people with jobs to respond to us. In fact, they make up 75% of all the hires we work on!)


Find the best match – while winning them over

The only thing worse than no plan is a plan full of outdated hiring tactics and non-predictive interview questions.

We help your team implement a structured, rigorous approach that not only gets you what you need, but actually makes candidates feel good!


All the roles you need, anyplace you want


We've hired roles such as...

  • CMO, COO, and CTO
  • VP of Sales
  • Director of Product
  • Director of Engineering
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Head of Business Partnerships
  • Director of Client Success
  • Data Analytics Manager
  • FP&A Analyst

In locations like...

  • New York, NY
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Washington, DC
  • Boston, MA
  • Lagos, Nigeria

What our clients and candidates say

"I think you all bring a lot of strengths to really deeply understanding not just the role, but the vision of the team and the vision of the organization. That comes through in everything that you do, but I think in some ways most importantly it comes through to the candidates themselves."

- Allison Dulin Salisbury, President, Entangled Ventures

"Sidebar: My experience with your company, on behalf of ExecOnline, has been awesome. You guys are so friendly and passionate about the people you are working with. Kudos!"

- Desirae Schneider, Director of Client Success, ExecOnline