I quickly found that although I do have a good network, you oftentimes want to source people outside of that because you want your team to represent a range of experiences and strengths - and oftentimes your network is really biased toward what you’re already interested in.
— Allison Dulin Salisbury, Director of Higher Education Strategy

Having grown from an initial newsletter to the leading news and connection outlet in the edtech space, EdSurge began its foray into the Higher Education market. Allison Dulin Salisbury grew the team over two years and soon found herself in need of another leader to grow the team further. Her background in higher education institutions meant she was not familiar with typical recruiting and search firms in the startup space, nor what to expect.

During our first workshop, we dived into the deeper business needs to better define the new role. We soon discovered that her initial target profile - a sort of “mini-me” to take some of the work off her plate - was in fact not what the Higher Ed vertical needed. Furthermore, this redefinition meant that mining her personal network would not yield the right candidates.

With this new definition in hand, we sourced candidates and assisted Allison’s team in evaluating the best potential matches - and found (and hired) the right leader in just under 3 weeks.