Today's talented people aren't served well by the status quo of hiring. 


Our own team brings diverse backgrounds and experiences in numerous public and private sectors. We realized that this is not unique. For curious people who've come of age in a complex world, the path to career success inevitably involves twists and turns as they explore wide-ranging options. 

And companies benefit from hiring these people. Diversity of backgrounds and experiences is a source of strength when creativity, innovation, and empathy for customers drive business success.

The more we can understand each other, the more we can both benefit. This holds true for client, customer, and coworker relationships—and is foundational to finding new team members.

Why, then, do generic job descriptions, generic success indicators, and generic interview questions litter the landscape? How can you find that next "perfect fit" collaborator when candidates puff up resumes and interviewers paranoiacally hole-poke any resume without four Ivy League degrees?

We could go on, but we'll leave that for the blog.

Suffice it to say that we don't just believe in our work because the results are good. Working this way makes people feel good, too.