Better recruiting alone can't guarantee great hiring

It's not about great people - it's about great fit 

Great in the interview, but not in the job? Top talent doesn’t necessarily meet your deeper needs, culture and values. We help you define "360˚ fit" before we talk to a single candidate. It’s why most clients give our new hires a 9+/10 rating after 3 months.

Recruiting anchored in what your business needs most

When we deeply understand your business, our recruiting gets supercharged. Candidates learn about what makes you unique from the first touchpoint. Of the people we pre-screen, over 50% move on to final rounds.

 Better interview process = consistent 10x results 

First impressions and gut-checks aren't reliable. We guide your team to adopt the best practices that reliably predict the best matches - focusing on the most predictive, unbiased information first.

You guys were able to bring this objective process to the entire equation. At the end of the day we felt so good. We’ve never felt so good about a decision.
— Cesar Rufo, VP of Marketing, Appsembler

Our approach has worked for many roles and locales

We've hired roles like:

  • CMO, COO, and CTO
  • VP of Sales
  • Head of Product
  • Head of Business Partnerships
  • Director of Client Success
  • Data Analytics Manager
  • FP&A Analyst

In locations like:

  • New York, NY
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Boston, MA
  • Lagos, Nigeria

What our clients and candidates say

"I think you all bring a lot of strengths to really deeply understanding not just the role, but the vision of the team and the vision of the organization. That comes through in everything that you do, but I think in some ways most importantly it comes through to the candidates themselves."

- Allison Dulin Salisbury, President, Entangled Ventures

"Sidebar: My experience with your company, on behalf of ExecOnline, has been awesome. You guys are so friendly and passionate about the people you are working with. Kudos!"

- Desirae Schneider, Director of Client Success, ExecOnline


Build your dream team with confidence

  • Discover the most important priority areas for this role and your business

  • Define not just one, but multiple personas who'd excel in your company 

  • Find these amazing people with the help of our Hiring Strategists

  • Explore their strengths in mutually enjoyable interviews

  • Align with your team to make decisions with confidence