For high-stakes hires, great recruiting is just the beginning

Find amazing people &
thrive together 

Scary fact: Statistically, resumes don't predict success. We help you look beyond the CV to find deep qualities that really matter. That's why most clients give our new hires a 9/10 rating after 3 months. 

An experienced team - that feels like your team

You can’t expect a detached agency to understand your brand. We work closely with you to figure out your values and find people who amplify them. And we stay in touch for years to make sure you succeed.

 Reliable results - not random guesswork 

Have you wasted months screening applicants and tearing down resumes? Replace the guesswork with our proven methods and reliable timelines. Over 50% of our candidates move on to final rounds.


3 keys to our approach


Predictive methods - not guesswork

From designing roles to sourcing candidates to interview techniques, we have one goal. What will have the best possible chance of success for this role and your company?


Efficient processes - pragmatism over perfection

With unlimited time and money, hiring gets much easier - but growing startups don't have either. We help you prioritize the critical changes that will make the biggest difference.


Positive experiences - for both you and candidates

The most scientifically perfect hiring scheme won't work if no one enjoys it. 

We make sure hiring doesn't burn out your team, while giving candidates a great impression of your company. 


What our clients and candidates say

"I think you all bring a lot of strengths to really deeply understanding not just the role, but the vision of the team and the vision of the organization. That comes through in everything that you do, but I think in some ways most importantly it comes through to the candidates themselves."

- Allison Dulin Salisbury, President, Entangled Ventures

"Sidebar: My experience with your company, on behalf of ExecOnline, has been awesome. You guys are so friendly and passionate about the people you are working with. Kudos!"

- Desirae Schneider, Director of Client Success, ExecOnline


Our approach has worked for many roles and locales

We've hired roles like:

  • CMO, COO, and CTO
  • VP of Sales
  • Head of Product
  • Head of Business Partnerships
  • Director of Client Success
  • Data Analytics Manager
  • FP&A Analyst

In locations like:

  • New York, NY
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Boston, MA
  • Lagos, Nigeria

Build your dream team with confidence

  • Discover the most important priority areas for this role and your business

  • Define not just one, but multiple personas who'd excel in your company 

  • Find these amazing people with the help of our Hiring Strategists

  • Explore their strengths in mutually enjoyable interviews

  • Align with your team to make decisions with confidence